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Workplace Injury

At The Law Office of Todd G. Kime, we are dedicated to representing injured workers in Ohio workers’ compensation cases. It is our duty to provide the highest level of knowledge and understanding to every client we serve.

Attorney Kime has focused his entire professional career on helping those hurt on the job and has built his practice on a foundation of proven expertise and extensive understanding of the complex workers’ compensation system. He has been practicing workers' compensation law for nearly 30 years.

In providing the best counsel to clients, we also understand that it is essential to be informed of every detail and change that may affect a case. Attorney Kime regularly hones his skills and knowledge by attending continuing legal education seminars specific to workers’ compensation law. He is also an annual attendee of the Industrial Commission Hearing Officers Seminar. Our legal team is committed to knowing upcoming changes and continually learning new policies so that we are always prepared to represent our clients to the fullest.

Additional Areas of Practice:
We also advise in referrals regarding Social Security Disability and Personal Injury Cases. Please contact us to discuss.

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We help clients manage all aspects of job related injuries and we take very seriously our role in partnering with those who choose us. Here is what you can expect from The Law Office of Todd G. Kime:

Have you questioned whether you need an attorney? If you are an injured worker whose claim is contested by either the Ohio Bureau Of Workers’ Compensation or your employer, or if your treatment is being denied, IT’S TIME TO CALL KIME.

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