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How we can help the Injured workers of Ohio

October 12, 2017

Injured on the job? or know anyone who has?

The BWC ( Bureau of Workers Compensation)55system is SOO slanted towards the Employer, this makes it VERY difficult to obtain the treatment your doctor wants for you....

Off work due to Injury? The BWC often sets your wages too low, or wont pay at all!

Any disputes between the BWC and the Injured worker and the BWC and/or the employer.... these disputes end up going to the Industrial Commission. It's the court system for BWC issues. You have only 15 minutes max to have all parties present their arguments. Super short time!

Just keep in mind, everyone in that hearing room typically has years of experience...and most are lawyers... ( doesn't sound to fair to the Injured worker; does it? ) Its Not designed that way!

Every injured worker deserves to have quality representation!

Feel free to call our office, always a free consult!

Todd G. Kime, Esq.

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