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January 18, 2024

Anyone injured on the job in Ohio, should do the following things within 24 hours of getting injured: 

1- Fill out incident report in writing ( keep copy for yourself); this should be done ASAP! 

 2- seek out medical attention, find a physician who accepts BWC, within 24 hours of incident. 

 3-when seeing the doctor for the first time; It is ESSENTIAL that you tell all the medical staff who comes in and do what they do; TELL THEM this is a WORKERS COMPENSATION INJURY 

 4- Ask Doc's office to submit a First Report of Injury to BWC; listing ALL body parts injured as a result of work incident. 

 5- I would STRONGLY recommend seeking highly qualified workers comp attorney; it's usually a  free initial consult with most attorneys.   Doing these things within a few hours of incident, this will give you a better chance of having the BWC allow you claim.

Call our office; Attorney Todd G. Kime has been representing injured workers since 1992. 513-677-2667

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