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Law Office of Todd G. Kime combines efforts with O'Connor Mikita & Davidson

October 4, 2019

All of the Ohio worker's compensation clients who had been represented by O'Connor, Mikita & Davidson (OMD)  are now being represented by Todd G. Kime, Esq.

In an arrangement brokered by Mr. Michael O'Connor and Todd Kime, all existing workers' comp .clients currently at OMD and any and all future referrals that are acquired by that office, will be represented by The Law Office of Todd G. Kime.

This allows Mr. O'Connors firm to better represent the clients who need assistance in the core areas of their practice; personal injury, domestic relations and bankruptcy

This also send all of OMD's work comp clients current and future to Todd Kime, where they can be administered and processed with efficiency while obtaining the best possible results.

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