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Question From AVVO, JD ( to assit the pubic in finding qualified attorneys)

July 7, 2017

Todd G. Kime Answer:

Unfortunately, Ohio BWC does not take into consideration the spouse. Regardless of how severely a person may be injured on the job and how badly that may affect the spouse and a marriage… BWC does not have any responsibility to assist the non-injured partner. I may suggest this; although the non=injured spouse is not entitled to any benefits from the BWC system, one avenue may be to pursue a psychological condition in the claim. That way, if she is diagnosed with depression or anxiety due to her injuries at work, perhaps counseling would help at the home front. I would contact a highly qualified attorney in your area and discuss options. Most attorneys offer free initial consultations, I would advise you and your injured spouse to seek said counsel. Good luck and God speed.

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